I Used To Do That…

06 Sep

Haven’t you heard people comment about someone’s singing, dancing, painting, writing, drawing, or whatever talent they possessed with “I used to do that?” I certainly have, many times. I watch my grandchildren jump around, wiggle and dance, turn flips, sing songs, make up plays, and giggle. They color pictures and can hardly wait for me to spout out all the flowery words I can think of in adoration of their creative scribbles. They get excited over approving smiles of anyone and everyone around them. These…are the children we used to be.

What happened to us? Oh, that’s right. We grew up. We let go of the talents that brought sparkle to our eyes because we are now responsible adults and no longer do childish things. How sad. Why did we let go of a God-given gift? Was it because someone said playing in a band, becoming an artist, or following your dreams was irresponsible so you had to succumb to the expectations of others?

Yes, we are to be responsible by holding down our jobs, supporting our families, and paying our bills. However, there is still a child buried deep inside our hearts awaiting the opportunity to awaken the stifled talent lost through the years. Life is too short to lose sight of the dreams you once held dear.

I challenge you to allow God to awaken that dream, that talent. Go for the Gold. Who cares if it’s just Starbucks in a gold cup. Find the time to rediscover the hidden talent(s) pushed aside by everyday life. Don’t allow the hum-drum daily routine keep you in a quagmire of sinking sand. Make each day count. Don’t neglect your real responsibilities, but don’t neglect who you really are or desired to be years ago.

Pull out that tuba, trombone, paint brush, charcoal painting, dance routine, wood working kit, etc. from the attic and rediscover your talent. It may take some real practice to get up to speed, but it will do your heart good…like a medicine. Find the time to have fun. Your life will have more meaning, your attitude with change, and your eyes will sparkle again.

Most importantly, allow God to be the center of it all.



Posted by on September 6, 2012 in Publications


2 responses to “I Used To Do That…

  1. Denise

    September 6, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    What a great thought you have written. It is true what you said and how often we live someone else dream and we become miserable. As humans we do want approval and forget we should seek God and not man.

  2. dreambelievefly

    September 17, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    Great post Loretta! We need to get back to our childhood roots and use our talents for Him! Thanks for the reminder. P.S. love the daisies on your site!


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