The Secret to a Better Life, One Word at a Time

05 Sep

It is mysecret-to-a-better-life-book pleasure to welcome Chris Maxwell as a guest here on Loretta’s Loft. Chris is a the author of several non-fiction books, he is a pastor and a profound speaker. He gave me my first opportunities at freelance writing and has been an encourager to me and my heartfelt call to write Christian romantic suspense. To Chris, I am grateful. To God, I give the Glory. Take it away Chris…

During a recent discussion with a friend, I emphasized the importance of revisiting. Revisiting past experiences we seek to deny or avoid, revisiting healthy life seasons, revisiting songs or days or events. Revisiting conversations or confrontations, sermons or stories, smiles or tears.

The reason for a healthy revisit or return isn’t to dwell on past pain. We don’t need to become obsessed by previous occurrences. Many of us fail by never moving beyond our past pain and mistakes. But the purpose of this return is to reinforce a willisecret-to-a-better-lifengness to move through, to endure, to forgive, to pursue new days in new ways. Or, to replay positives when love with God and others was more genuine, more pure, more real.

After that conversation with a friend, I decided to revisit words I wrote while studying how Jesus welcomed people around Him. In my busyness to lead and teach and write and mentor, I must never fail by forgetting what matters most. A revisit can help. It
can reinforce. It can remind. And it can re-invite me to live as a recipient of the best invitation of all time.

-Today’s blog is from the book Pause: The Secret to a Better Life, One Word at a Time. Pick up your copy today.


Short Blurb from Loretta:

Thank you, Chris, for your input today. Your love and devotion to Christ shines through your writing, your friendship, and your actions.

Thank you for allowing me to write a short story for another one of your books,  Pause for Moms.


Chris Maxwell ichris-maxwells a pastor, author, speaker, and man living with epilepsy. He served as lead pastor for 19 years in Orlando, FL, and now works as Director of Spiritual Life at Emmanuel College. He is the author many articles, reviews, curriculum lessons, and seven books, including his most recent, Pause With Jesus: Encountering His Story in Everyday Life. He speaks around the world to give hope to hurting people. He and his wife Debbie have three songs and four grandchildren.

Chris Maxwell

Twitter: @CMaxMan

Amazon link:

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