Choosing REAL

16 Feb

An Invitation To Celebrate When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned – by Bekah Jane Pogue  choosing-real-52-002

If you want a fresh perspective on how to develop a real relationship with God, Choosing REAL offers positive insight. You’ll find confirmation that no amount of work, serving, or giving can make God love you any more than He already does.

In case you haven’t noticed, life doesn’t always go as planned. Your child becomes ill, a loved one dies, or your tooth breaks. Your car won’t start, you have a flat tire, or run out of gas. What about, you lose your job, a friend betrays, or you have a quarrel with your spouse? Those things aren’t planned, they just happen.

Does a real relationship with God depend on your circumstances? No, and yet, many times God gets the blame for life’s altercations. In all reality, God is with you through every circumstance and will give wisdom and peace if you let him.

Who controls your life? You? Your co-workers? Others?

Do you have trouble saying NO?

If your calendar looks anything like mine did a year ago, you’ll recognize the cluttered notes, appointments, volunteer schedule, and miscellaneous scribbles. You soon find these commitments now control you: Do this, be here, go there, help with this, organize that, pick up something, entertain guests…oh, and find time to care for your family in between.

As much as pleasing people sounds like a good thing, overbooking and not allowing time for yourself will increase stress and cause mental, physical, and medical issues. On top of these, your spiritual wellness suffers and can cause a shift in self-esteem which will plummet your feelings of worthiness.


Choosing REAL builds momentum as the story relates to everyday encounters in life. Bekah Jane Pogue shares real scenes from real life and takes you on a fast-paced journey through tears, laughter, belly laughs, sorrow, joy. . . and finding REAL peace in God.

The fact is, God is God, and there’s nothing that will force his hand to be any more than He IS. Once you’ve accepted God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, you can find a relationship with Christ that you never believed possible.

If you’d like a FREE copy of this book, enter the drawing by commenting below. The winner will be announced on February 24, 2017.

Choosing REAL is – an invitation to celebrate when life doesn’t go as planned.

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